The next few years are set to be exciting for mobility. Innovations are regularly emerging that extend and encourage ever more environmentally friendly modes of travel.

Here at Interparking, we do our part by continuing our multimodal initiatives: car parks connected to other means of transport, such as buses, trams, metros, bikes, trains and airports. Similarly, we intend to step up our efforts to improve air quality by rolling out the installation of particle neutralization systems.

Technologies are already providing a number of responses to climate issues. Number plate recognition, for example, is encouraging the use of clean vehicles in the Netherlands. This technology is being rolled out in Belgium and facilitates access to our car parks: automation reduces waiting times to the bare minimum and as a result unnecessary tailpipe emissions.

Big Data also enable us to carefully consider the demand for charging terminals for electric vehicles. This enables us to best meet the expectations of motorists.

Finally, we are prepared for the arrival of next-generation vehicles, such as self-driving cars. These will represent a new challenge which we will be proud to address successfully, in order to continue to contribute toward more efficient and responsible mobility in and around large cities.