Since 2015, all Interparking’s operations have been certified carbon neutral, in all nine countries in which the Group operates. This certification was achieved by activating two levers: firstly, Interparking strives continuously to significantly reduce the CO2 emissions generated by its operations; secondly, the Group is involved in a CO2 offsetting project in partnership with the certification agency CO2logic.



To reduce its energy consumption, Interparking is generalizing the introduction
of LED lighting systems, installing low-energy ventilation mechanisms and gradually replacing part of its vehicle fleet with low-pollution vehicles. The company also uses green energy and automation to modulate the lighting, which avoids having the lights on in the car parks when no movement is detected.

For example, LED bulbs use between six and 10 times less energy than traditional lighting!

Nevertheless, despite numerous efforts to reduce the environmental impact of its operations, emissions remain an issue

Interparking is actively involved in a project to offset its residual emissions, enabling it to be carbon neutral.