Using cars and respect for the environment are perfectly compatible. The development of innovative new projects, which are springing up every day, are the best proof of this: shared vehicles, connected and self- driving cars, hybrid and electric cars require a tailored service offering.

Here at Interparking, we strongly believe in multimodality as a key pillar of both greener and more efficient mobility. Multiple challenges are indeed facing cities and their users: improving air quality, facilitating traffic flows and developing fast, efficient and interconnected modes of transport.

That is exactly the vision we stand for. Most of our car parks are connected to other modes of transport: bus, tram, metro, train, airports, bike hire stations, etc. We have developed a unique card: Pcard+. Using the same card – which is free to boot – our clients can access our car parks as well as public transport networks and a range of ancillary services. This means that each client can combine several modes of transport as needed to optimize his or her travel. This is our vision of green mobility.

At the same time, we are making great efforts to reduce the impact of our operations on the environment: being carbon neutral, having fine particle neutralization systems, installing charging terminals, low-energy lighting, etc. All these initiatives will only intensify in the coming months and years. It is our responsibility.

Roland Cracco, CEO