Interparking is actively involved in a large- scale project to support environmental initiatives, to offset its residual carbon emissions. In Spain, for example, we work with the NGO HOMAC, which funds projects in developing countries.

We are also involved in projects to combat deforestation in Africa. For example, we actively support the Wanrou project in Benin, which is developing improved stoves. What does this involve? In northern Benin, close to Pendjari National Park, the alarming rate of biomass collection for cooking food is a major contributor to deforestation and desertification. Wanrou helps local people to adopt more efficient cooking methods by using improved stoves. Not only do these reduce the risks of burns and inhaling toxic fumes, but they also significantly slow down deforestation.

The Wanrou project saves three tonnes of CO2 emitted per household supported. They also save 50% on the cost of energy used to prepare meals. As a result, wood consumption per household has fallen by two tonnes per year per household. The project saves 36,000 trees per year.

By supporting the Wanrou project, Interparking is offsetting its residual CO2 emissions in full.







In partnership with the independent consulting firm CO2Logic and the NGO Eco-Bénin, Interparking is involved in a large-scale reforestation project in the Bouche du Roy region in southern Benin. Situated at the mouth of the Mono River, this area has lost 30% of its mangroves in recent years. Mangroves play an essential role in the environmental, social and economic balance of the region: not only do they absorb large quantities of CO2, they also act as a bulwark against rising water levels. Their disappearance also has a negative impact on the density of fish available in the river. Yet fishing is a major source of income for the local populations.

To restore the region’s balance, Interparking is actively involved in a reforestation project: we ask our clients to make a donation to offset their CO emissions. For each euro donated, two mangroves are planted in the Bouche du Roy region. Interparking also promises to double the amount of donations collected. The target is to fund the planting of 200,000 mangroves, which represents a total surface area of 80 hectares. The initiative also raises awareness among clients about the environmental impact of the annual mileage they cover behind the wheel of their vehicle: in fact, one euro collected offsets the emissions generated by covering 1,000 kilometres.

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On the website, clients are asked to share their donations to offset their emissions. Using a simulation tool, they can see the direct environmental impact of their contribution.